World's Largest Dungeon (MapTools)

Approaching the Dungeon

After leaving the small inn just south of the great ruin you climbed the mountain. The rocks and debris slowed your ascent but it was steady. There were numerous tracks of different creatures also ascending the hillside (strangely there were none descending). The climb leveled off as you got closer to the cave mouth. You saw a man the size of a galleon lying on the ground at the cave opening. As you got closer, you could see that death had taken him. Despite his obviously decomposed state, the man did not exude the odor of decay.
There were no signs of a struggle. Who was he, and how did he die?

Beyond the body of the titan was a single cave that wound down into the earth. The cave was low and shallow, obviously dug by small crude hands. Many footprints marked the dirt, and debris littered every corner. In the back of the cave, a narrow tunnel, poorly lit, lead deeper.

The tunnel wound into the mountain, its ceiling some 6 ft. high and 5 ft. wide at its widest. After about 100 ft. or so, the tunnel opened into a larger room, cut from stone and built, rather than dug. It was obvious something lived here.



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