World's Largest Dungeon (MapTools)

Entering the Dungeon

You exited the dark and yes, dank, narrow passageway to emerge onto a worked stone floor. Looking about, you saw that you had entered a large square chamber hewn completely from stone. You noticed two iron doors, one to each of your sides. Otherwise there were no features of interest in the stone.

As you opened the southeastern door, the edge disappeared into a blackness that laid just beyond. You allowed the door to open completely and watched as more of it was swallowed up in the barrier until only its hinges were visable. Peering cautiously into the darkness for signs of movement, you saw nothing. Even your ears could only detect the breathing of your fellow adventurers. The darkness revealed nothing of what laid beyond.

After passing through the door you were amazed to see that the doorway was gone. The light from your torches gleamed feebly in the complete gloom, lighting up a small region of what appeared to be a large room. Two iron doors were on the eastern wall. The chill and damp air clung to your bodies, and it became apparent that you were not the only ones feeling it judging from the cough coming out of the darkness to the north.

Upon inspecting the cough you discovered three fatigued orcs sitting in the corner. One of them was attempting to stifle another cough as you approached. With only the feeble acts of being a threat the orcs were apparently in no shape to battle nor did they appear to be openly hostile toward you. Deciding it better to move along you headed west.

Seeing two more iron doors you decided to open the western most door. Even before you opened the door you could smell that something was amiss. Now that it was open, the smell was overwhelming. The source was more than a score of bodies piled up in the room, their flesh rotting away. Ivellios and Lyrikk were the only one to enter the room and both became very sickened and were forced to leave the room barely holding down their lunches.

The door next to the one you just left faired no better as touching its surface caused a hand of fire to reach out striking anyone that touched it. After numerous failures attempting to diable the trap, Ivellios decided to just force the door open “Trap be Damned” revealing a room with several piles of moldy sacks in each of the four corners, their decaying contents filled the air with a sour smell. There was a door directly across from the door you entered. Once everyone was inside Melketh told everyone not to touch the bags. As everyone was preparing to enter the northern door, Lyrikk noticed strange lines on the eastern wall revealing a secret door. However before opening the door he decided to poke his sword into one of the bags releasing a cloud of poisonous spores as the black mold inside exploded. Chuint and Lyrikk both became poisoned and began feeling the effects as their stamina waned.

You then opened the secret door revealing a large room with coils of rope, arrels with nails, and open crates with tools that lined up against the northern wall. Although the air was damp, there were no signs of mold on any of the items.

You then decided this to be a good place to rest and recoup as the effects of the black mold were weighing heavily upon Chuint as she could barely stand anymore. After a brief rest you went through the door only to have multiple acid arrows come flying at Ivellios leading you to retrace your steps and go through the northern door of the room where the mold was unleashed. The door turned out to also be trapped with burning hands. Lyrikk used his mage hand spell to open the door revealing a large room with rotting barrels, moldy crates, and disintegrating sacks with mushrooms embedded in them.

Seeing no other way but to return the large hallway that contained the orcs you traveled back only to find that the orcs had been slain in a manner most unusal. It appeared as though something had held onto their necks tightly until the bones snapped from the pressure. Now being alert the party heard a flapping noise from the south and soon saw a small quasit demon who stopping suddenly upon seeing you. Melketh made a bargain with the demon to allow you to move along if the orc corpses were left to him. Ivellios, however, did not agree to these terms and charged the demon but was unable to subdue it as it flew off and became invisible.

Irequ discerned from his detect magic spell that the demon had flown into one of the room on the eastern wall of the large hall. Tracing the steps you discovered a small room with a single orc corpse laying in the cneter. Upon inspection you found multiple puntire wounds and around each wound were eight smaller wounds. Irequ’s knowledge of nature confirmed that these were tell-tale signs of a stirge.

Upon entering the northern door, Ivellios was suddenly surprised as a reddish octopus like creature (fiendish darkmantle) descended upon his head. After a pitched battle in the gloom of the darkmantles darkness ability you were successful, however, it was soon evident that the threat was far from over. Lyrikk and Chuint both heard the sounds of thousands of claws scraping and running across the ground from the north. Ivellios quickly ran to the northern door jsut in time to see a massive swarm of rats rapidly approaching. Their red eyes glowing in the darkness that lie beyod. He slammed the door shut and after a few minutes of scraping the rats have appeared to move off.

What will happen next week? Only time will tell!

Approaching the Dungeon

After leaving the small inn just south of the great ruin you climbed the mountain. The rocks and debris slowed your ascent but it was steady. There were numerous tracks of different creatures also ascending the hillside (strangely there were none descending). The climb leveled off as you got closer to the cave mouth. You saw a man the size of a galleon lying on the ground at the cave opening. As you got closer, you could see that death had taken him. Despite his obviously decomposed state, the man did not exude the odor of decay.
There were no signs of a struggle. Who was he, and how did he die?

Beyond the body of the titan was a single cave that wound down into the earth. The cave was low and shallow, obviously dug by small crude hands. Many footprints marked the dirt, and debris littered every corner. In the back of the cave, a narrow tunnel, poorly lit, lead deeper.

The tunnel wound into the mountain, its ceiling some 6 ft. high and 5 ft. wide at its widest. After about 100 ft. or so, the tunnel opened into a larger room, cut from stone and built, rather than dug. It was obvious something lived here.


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